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Sinners and Saints Masterlist

A world where every one of your deepest thoughts, feelings and actions; dark or light, are governed by things that only exists within the boundaries of our imaginations.

Or so we thought.

Our choices are more important than we would ever realized. We might say we would end up in Hell or Heaven as a joke because of some of the choices and thoughts we made and have. But be careful of what you wish for and say. You might never know who might be listening to them.

A/N:This verse started because of kendayawind and her simple yet intriguing request. So this verse shall be partially dedicated to her; The Bringer of Life of this mad mad world and its inhabitants ♥

That said. I hope you enjoy this insanity driven ride as much as I do.

This AU would be written in a series of one-shots that might overlap each other. All fics shall be arranged chronologically as per the storyline.

★ ♥♥ | Overflowing With Us (If Only It Was True) | Kibum/Ryeowook | Supernatural/Romance | PG-13 | Snow | 6965 words
When he agreed to help, it seemed like they started playing a game where they unknowingly participated.
Swearing, Implied sexual situation
A/N: Request fic for kendayawind and first place winner of miracle______'s 2011 Winter Holidays contest. Originally posted here.

To Burn or To Drown | Yesung/Sungmin | Supernatural/Slight! Romance | G | 415 words
Two ends of a line. Compromise is not possible, and yet they still try.

Tags: !masterlist, series: sinners and saints

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